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We are the place to source geography resources. Pumpkin Interactive specialise in producing up-to-date, high quality, specification-relevant geography DVD resources for secondary schools and colleges. Our titles provide video case study material from around the world for many of the key areas: Bio-Diversity, Energy, Urban Environments, Population, Coasts, Natural Hazards, Flooding and Migration.

Our geography resources are developed with the help of expert geography consultants and we work closely with subject associations like the Geographical Association and awarding bodies. In fact many of our geography resources are now either endorsed or recommended by all the major UK exam boards, including Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. Our geography DVD resources are also accompanied by extensive additional teacher resource packs. 

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Debating Energy Futures: Coal, Gas and Nuclear

Media: DVD
DUR: 34 mins
Product Code: DEBEN
Price: £49.00

With case studies from the US, the UK, China and India, this title asks how important coal, gas and nuclear will be in the future global energy mix. Find out what is being done to clean up coal, the dirtiest of all fossil fuels.  With the growth of fracking in the US improving energy security in the States, what are the potential benefits and environmental risks associated with it in the UK? And why is nuclear still considered to be an attractive option by some countries, despite the Fukushima disaster?


Endorsed for Edexcel Geography GCSE A and B  specifications (2016) and Geography GCE (2016) specification

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This DVD provides a wide variety of viewpoints and interviews to help students understand the complex analysis of energy futures in the UK

Mara Demosthenous, Head of Geography, The Heritage Private School, Cyprus 


Suggested exam board specification links

AQA GCSE Unit 3.2 Challenges in the human environment 3.2.3 The challenge of resource management Resource management/Energy,
Cambridge iGCSE Theme 3 Ecpnomic development 3.5 Energy
Edexcel GCE Area 3 Physical Systems and Sustainability The Carbon Cycle and Energy Security 6.5
Edexcel GCSE A Component 2 Human Environment Topic 6 Resource Management 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6, 6.7
Edexcel GCSE B Component 3 People and Environment Issues Topic 9 Consuming energy resources 9.1, 9.2, 9.4, 9.5, 9.6
OCR GCSE A Component 1 Living in the UK Today 1.3 UK Environmental Challenges 1.3.4, 1.3.5

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