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Science and Psychology

Pumpkin Interactive specialise in producing high quality, specification-relevant Science and Psychology DVDs for secondary schools and colleges. We aim to provide case studies of real life applications to illustrate some of the more complex scientific concepts and theories. Themes covered include: forces and motion, waves and imaging and electricity generation, transmission and distribution. 

All our teaching resources are developed with the help of expert subject consultants and we work closely with subject associations and with awarding bodies to ensure our video content and teaching resources meet the requirements of your specification.  

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Electricity Transmission and Distribution

Media: DVD
DUR: 29 mins
Product Code: ELDIST
Price: £49.00

This DVD resource looks at how electricity is distributed from power  station to consumers along the National Grid.  As well as giving an overview of the entire distribution network, it also looks at how step up and step down transformers are used to reduce line loss during transmission and to make the voltage safe for use in homes.  Other safety features, such as earth rods, insulators and circuit breakers are explained and this DVD gives an insight into the part they play in larger scale systems. 

Suggested exam board specification links


GCSE Physics Unit P1.4 Methods we use to generate electricity
Subsection P1.4.1 Generating Electricity


GCSE 21st Century Science Physics Module 3 Sustainable Energy
GCSE Gateway Science Module P2 Living for the Future (Energy Resources)


IGCSE Physics 1.7 Work Energy and Power
1.7.2 Energy Resources


International GCSE in Physics Section 4 Energy Resources and Energy Transfer
GCSE Physics Unit P1 Topic 5 Generation and Transmission of Electricity

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