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We are the place to source geography resources. Pumpkin Interactive specialise in producing up-to-date, high quality, specification-relevant geography DVD resources for secondary schools and colleges. Our titles provide video case study material from around the world for many of the key areas: Bio-Diversity, Energy, Urban Environments, Population, Coasts, Natural Hazards, Flooding and Migration.

Our geography resources are developed with the help of expert geography consultants and we work closely with subject associations like the Geographical Association and awarding bodies. In fact many of our geography resources are now either endorsed or recommended by all the major UK exam boards, including Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. Our geography DVD resources are also accompanied by extensive additional teacher resource packs. 

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Extreme Weather: Coastal Flooding UK Winter storms

Media: DVD
DUR: 30 mins
Product Code: UKSTORM
Price: £49.00

 Through the use of two case studies: the Dawlish Railway Collapse and the East Coast Tidal Surge, this resource looks at the impacts of the 2013/2014 winter storms. The extreme weather conditions that led to these events are examined, the impacts on people and the environment are assessed and ways to improve future resilience to coastal flooding and extreme weather hazards in the UK are explored.


Endorsed for Edexcel Geography GCSE A and B (2016) specifications and Edexcel Geography GCE (2016) specification

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"Having watched the finished article on the Norfolk Coast, it's absolutely fantastic and we are really pleased with it.”

Alex Green,
National Trust, Digital Media, Marketing and Interpretation Officer, Norfolk Coast

Suggested exam board specification links


GCSE Geography Unit, Section A The Challenge of Natural Hazards, 
Extreme Weather in the UK
GCSE Geography Unit, Section B Coastal landscapes in the UK


GCSE Geography A Component 1, Topic 1A Coastal landscapes and processes
GCSE Geography B Component 2, Topic 4A Coastal change and conflict


GCSE Geography A Core Theme 1, Key Idea 1.2 Landform process and change in UK landscapes
Core theme 4 Key Idea Managing Coastal Hazards
GCSE Geography B Theme 2, Key Idea 2.1 Shaping the landscape -
coasts and coastal management
Theme 2, Key Idea2.3 Weather and Climate


GCSE Geography A Component 1.1 Landscapes of the UK
Component 1.3 UK Environmental Challenges
GCSE Geography B Topic 3 Distinctve Landscapes


GCSE Geography Themes 2 Coasts
Themes 4 Coastal Management

Scottish National 5

Physical Environments
GCSE Geography 3.1 Unit 1, Theme A The Dynamic Landscape

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