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In 2006 Pumpkin Interactive embarked on a collaboration with the Guardian nominated teacher of the year, Stephen Pritchard, to produce a series of ground-breaking educational resources for drama students and teachers.

The first outcome was a series of interactive multi-media DVD ROMs that give a unique insight into the professional practice of some of the world's most exciting performers and how these same methods and processes can be transferred into an educational setting.

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Grotowski: A Practical Guide

Media: DVD
DUR: 135 mins
Product Code: GRO
Price: £75.00

World famous theatre practitioner Jerzy Grotowski has had an enormous and positive influence on contemporary theatre. This double DVD explores his life and work and shows how his ideas and approaches can be used by students and teachers to create powerful and successful performances. Through the use of archive performance footage, workshops, demonstrations, interviews and examples of Grotowski inspired pieces, this resource enables students to apply Grotowski’s visionary insights to their own devised and scripted work. Includes top-band student performances and ready-to-use teaching materials.


"A really useful resource with a range of excellent materials and insights, including international contributions, that will deepen understanding of how to teach Grotowski in schools, in practice and theory - altogether an excellent job. Well done Pumpkin!"

Paul Allain, Professor of Theatre and Performance, Drama and Theatre Studies at the University of Kent

"I've got a page to do it, but actually if you're in a hurry, these DVD resources can be reviewed in three words, they are Brilliant."

Sarah Lambie, Editor, Teaching Drama
Review in Teaching Drama, Summer 2015

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