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Pumpkin Interactive is the UK’s leading producer of Design and Technology and Textiles DVD educational resources. We specialise in producing high quality, specification relevant D&T and Textiles DVDs for secondary schools and colleges. Our aim is to provide innovative and exciting examples of the very latest industrial practices and processes from around the world. Our titles cover some of the hottest topics: sustainable design, smart material, globalisation and new technologies. 

Each of our educational resources is designed to meet the needs of GCSE and A Level specifications and are developed with the help of expert teacher consultants. We work closely with subject associations like the Design and Technology Association and with awarding bodies. In fact many of our Design and Technology resources are now either endorsed or recommended by all the major UK exam boards, including AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC

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Textiles: Industrial Finishing Processes

Media: DVD
DUR: 30 mins
Product Code: FINTEX
Price: £49.00

This resource looks at the different types of industrial finishes available and their applications. It explores the reasons for finishing, and when and why different processes might be used. It then goes on to look at how the range of finishes now available is creating ever more technical materials, enhancing the role of textiles in today's society. The DVD provides examples of a variety of chemical and physical finishes and their applications.



Included on Edexcel's recommended resources list 

Recommended by AQA in their resources list for both their GCSE and GCE D&T Textiles specifications


"Textiles: Industrial Finishing Processes is brilliant. I use the entire set of Pumpkin Textile DVDs from Year 9 where we dip in and out, to all the examination groups I teach. I find the activities and the full scripts are a really good tool to assist learning and have developed some detailed revision tasks around them."

Jane Dalley,
Head of Textiles, The Redmaids' School, Bristol

"The growing awareness of how textiles can be integrated with other materials is not only seen in everyday products, but also in the emerging area of Technical and Smart Textiles.

This DVD resource provides the viewer with an inside look at design and product development and also the reasons why products have developed.

The content is divided into seven chapters: introduction; wearable electronics - the climate dress; wearable electronics - intelligent clothing; power generation - solar textiles; power generation - piezoelectric textiles; protective textiels - D30; and protective textiles - Kevlar and Nomex.

Each chapter is between 4 and 12 minutes long and can be stopped or paused, allowing review and reflection to take place.  The shorter clips work well for all students; teachers may wish to section the content for the longer video clips.

Many of the components used to make the products shown and discussed are availabe to purchase online from suppliers.  The addition of weblinks in the activities  section of the DVD allows teachers to give students the option to do additional independent study.

What's great about the series of videos is that the links can be seen between:

The use of traditional textiles techniques and their application to modern practices

Design practices and materials (material areas are interlinked)

The maker and user

Sustainable design and inclusive design

Study and potential careers in the technical and smart materials areas.

The cross curricular aspects are not forgotten, textiles teachers can share ideas with their science colleagues.  The DVD also provides opportunities to discuss broader issues of sustainable and inclusive design.

The DVD is supported by transcripts which provide a step by step commentary allowing the teacher or student to review areas of the video.  The transcripts can be edited to allow teachers the opportunity to create their own resources.  The DVD also includes a range of activities and questions that teachers can use to guide student learning, in both standard Word format and also PDF.

Overall, this is a great resource for the classroom, which enhances the knowledge base for the emerging and growing area of interactive, smart textile design.

Just 4 Textiles, Issue 28, Autumn 2012

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