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Video content on UK flood events for legacy and new geography GCSE and GCE specifications

by Kate Conway on January 06, 2016

Future proof your video library by buying video content that has been created to match the new GCSE and GCE geography specifications, while still being relevant for current teaching.

With a greater focus on geomorphic processes and landscape required across the exam boards, all GCSE specifications contain units on rivers and flooding.  So with the new specifications being taught from 2016, what better time to refresh your case studies with examples of recent UK flood events.

The Somerset Floods
In the winter of 2013/2014 the UK was hit by a succession of 13 low pressure systems causing extreme flooding on the Somerset Levels.  Our DVD looks at the human and physical causes of the floods and explores the impacts on property and lives through the first hand accounts of local residents and businesses.   We also assess examples of both hard and soft engineering and see how they are being used to improve resilience to future flood events on the Levels. Dredging, pumping, tidal barriers and catchment sensitive farming are all considered. 

Relevant for units on Rivers,Flooding, Extreme Weather, Hazards

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A freak weather event or a disaster waiting to happen? Explore the physical and human causes of the Tewkesbury 2007 flood with this resource that looks in detail at runoff, infiltration rates and the factors affecting storm hydrographs. First hand accounts from residents and businesses bring home the immediate and long-term economic, social and environmental impacts of the flood. The sustainability of a variety of hard and soft management strategies, including forecasting and telemetry are then discussed with analysis from the Environment Agency and Severn Trent Water.  

Relevant for units on Rivers, Flooding, Extreme Weather, Hazards

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Click here to download a free clip on Flooding in Tewkesbury

Flooding in Bangladesh
A fantastic contrast to the UK flooding case studies, this resource provides strong visual examples of the impacts of floods in an LEDC. The physical and human causes, at both a local and regional scale are explained, as is the effect of climate change.  it emphasises contemporary thinking about hazard events and provides memorable, quirky and relevant examples of both hard and soft flood management strategies.

Relevant for units on RiversFloodingExtreme WeatherHazards

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Click here to download a free clip on Flooding in Bangladesh